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We aren’t afraid of heights; we are afraid of falling. We aren’t afraid of love, we are afraid of being heartbroken – of anguish, of being alone. We aren’t afraid of intimacy - we’re afraid that if we show our whole selves to this world the world won’t like it. That once we are open we may be left. We aren’t afraid of flying – we’re afraid of not having control if something goes wrong, we’re afraid of dying.

Darling, I hope you risk. I hope you fall only so that you can see the jump wasn’t as bad as you thought it was. I wish the ground to hit your feet. To see your smile and your tears when you discover the space that was there all along.

Darling, I hope you love – love so hard you may grieve for years and not because you are weak or soft but because you opened your heart with ferocious might and once the salt from the tears has run from your blood I wish you to exhale and fall into the heart of someone new.

Risk - Darling, risk.

Day 2 of #aloboutbalance

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How do you motivate yourself for home workouts or yoga? 😁⁣

I often show in my stories that I practice yoga. Before the corona crisis, I went to yoga classes 3-4x per week. Now I do online classes only but I’ve been keeping up with my routine. 🥰⁣

Some of you ask me how I motivate myself to stick to my routine and the answer is simple: I feel SO MUCH better when I move regularly. I found a routine that makes me feel strong, flexible and fit. 🤸🏼‍♀️ I realised that I don’t need weights or the gym to feel at my best. I just need to tune into my body regularly and give it what it needs. 😌⁣

On days where I’m sore or don’t feel so energetic, I just take a walk or spend a few minutes on my feetup trainer (anzeige, unbeauftragt) doing inversions. I don’t force myself - the desire to move my body comes automatically if I’m in my routine. ♥️⁣

Let’s be honest, pain also plays a part in this. I originally started yoga because of heavy chronic back pain. 😫 When I don’t exercise for a few days, I feel it coming back... so that kinda is a big part of my motivation too. 😬⁣

What is your biggest motivator? ♥️⚡️⁣


Habt ihr eine Sport oder Yoga-Routine? 🧘🏻 Ich fühle mich sehr gut mit 3-4 Online-Klassen pro Woche + täglichen Spaziergängen. ♥️ Und ihr? ⁣


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Ela se vestiu de paz e percebeu que era a sua melhor roupa! ✨✨✨ paz a todos 💓 paz pro universo #yogapractice #yogainspiration #yogajundiai #yogaeverywhere ...

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Today is the Day 2 of #BeAwakeForSpring Challenge. Today’s pose is any twisting pose and I wanted to do something I don’t practice often... The purpose of twists is to detoxify yourself both physically and mentally/spiritually... Well, physically I am in a slow transition for plant base diet, which is a detox from animal products. Mentally and spiritually I am currently in a place where I feel the transitioning without really knowing what is changing... But I feel like I am slowly letting go of people, habits, conversations and thoughts that are no longer serving me! Letting there place be filled with inspiration, motivation, love & light! 💕✨
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Day 4 of the #ashtangabasicschallenge is Trikonasana A & B- Extended Triangle pose and Revolved Triangle pose. These wide-legged bends feel incredible to loosen tight hips and lengthen your rib cage. Make sure your legs are planted firmly into the ground here and your energy continues to lift up out through the fingers of your top arm rather than collapsing into your bottom arm.
Other benefits include:
Improve digestion and stimulate the organs in the abdomen
Increase flexibility in the spine and hip joints
Corrects alignment in the shoulders and neck
Improves circulation
Tones the ligaments in the legs, shoulders, and spine
Strengthens the ankles, core muscles, and legs
Relieves symptoms of stress
Helps relieve symptoms of anxiety, sciatica, neck pain, and flat feet
Eases back pain
Trikonasana B also has the following benefits:
Cleanses the internal organs
Helps relieve symptoms of asthma
Stimulates digestion
Opens the chest and improves breathing
Strengthens the lower back, spine, shoulders, legs, and groin
Stretches the hamstrings, spine, hips, upper back, and chest
Improves sense of balance
Practice along with the IGTV tutorial, then post a photo in either Trikonasana A or B and make sure to tag:

For your chance to win some incredible prizes such as skincare products, online yoga memberships, yoga mats, towels, mala beads, and more!

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Yo honro el lugar dentro de ti donde el universo entero reside.
Yo honro el lugar dentro de ti de amor y luz, de verdad y paz.
Cuando tú estas en ese lugar en ti y yo estoy en ese lugar en mi, tu y yo somos solo uno.
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Sweat for sanity not vanity : This is going out to all the lovely ladies out there. During these tough times, vanity should be the last of your worries.
Let’s make a vow towards no make up and substitute with a workout sweat — which gives natural blush and beautiful glow. How you look on social media or on a zoom call should be least of your concerns at the moment. Here’s me leading with sweat, no makeup and oily hair (self care should have no negotiations). Spend some time instead thinking how to help others during this time, donate the money you have saved up with no excess expenditure on vanity and spend time with your true natural self ❤️
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When you want a hug but everyone is in quarantine... Sweet dreams, yogis. 🙏🏼❤️
There’s no place like hope. .
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a saída é para dentro 🌸
vamos falar de yoga? na matéria de bem-estar da revista Moda, de fhits e estadao, Márcia de Luca faz uma reflexão sobre autoconhecimento e da a dica do exercício respiratório das narinas alternadas. adoro fazê-lo! e hoje nos stories dei a dica do exercício crânio brilhante. confiram os stories, tem tudinho lá ✨

yoga é incrível! vocês já pararam para ler sobre? ao longo de vários anos tenho grande interesse, mas a prática mais direcionada, conhecendo e buscando viver os princípios ocorre há 3 anos. sinto inúmeros benefícios 🌟 mentais e físicos, na minha relação comigo mesma, com os outros e com o mundo.

indiscutivelmente o yoga é um grande aliado em tempos difíceis. nesses dias em casa, onde tenho que lidar ainda mais com meus pensamentos, inquietações e medos eu paro e faço os exercícios que aprendi. o relaxamento é quase imediato ❤️ vocês tem interesse que eu traga mais assuntos sobre yoga? falem pra mim!


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We are all connected, the pain of the world is our own ~ danica.gim 🤍😶

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I was trying to find an inspiring quote for you guys about “the light at the end of the tunnel” but then I stumbled across this one.... and it made me laugh because it feels so true. “Due to recent budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off”. 😬😂💡
Cozy in aloyoga #yogi #roadtrip #throwback

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Upward Facing Dog Pose
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There's an old Zen parable about a foolish peasant who went to visit his master. The master brought him into his study and offered him some soup, but just as the peasant was about to drink it, he noticed a small snake in his bowl. But not wanting to offend his master, he drank the snake soup anyway. Within a few days the peasant fell so ill that he had to be brought back to his master's house. The master again took the peasant to his study and offered him soup, the snake soup, but this time the peasant pointed it out and complained loudly that this was the reason he fell sick in the first place. Roaring with laughter, the master pointed to the ceiling where a large bowl was hanging. It was the reflection of the bow he was seeing. There was no snake at all. As soon as the peasant realized the truth and all his sickness went away.
When we accept limitations about ourselves and and about the world around us, we have swallowed imaginary mental snakes. And they are always real, until we find out otherwise.
Is there a mental snake that we have swallowed in our life? It could be about our relationships or related to health or feeling unworthy or about our finance. So in short, it's all about our beliefs.
May we possess the power to choose our beliefs wisely 🌻
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❤️🧡💛I am a woman of many rainbows.💚💙💜⁣

✨ Integrity & beauty. ✨⁣

My aura is golden, full of unique patterns, & joy for days. ✨ I love this womanly shape of mine, my laughter, & my mind. 🙏🏻⁣

It has taken a long time for me to fully appreciate my beauty. As we make our shift into April (my 31st birthday month) I can honestly say, I wouldn’t want to be anyone else. I am silly, joyful, heartbroken, in love, independent, strong, passionate, sleepy, anxious, and full of life. ⁣

The Rolling Stones wrote “She comes in colors everywhere. She combs her hair. She’s like a rainbow.” 🌈 ⁣

My hope is that you also find your unique colors & shapes. You are just as worthy, whole, and more than enough. I invite you to peel back the layers of the exterior world to fully embrace your most authentic self. This is where you will discover everything that you’ve been looking for. 🙏🏻

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“Quanto ci metterò a...
- fare la spaccata?
- mettermi a testa in giù?
- stare in equilibrio sulle mani”.
❓Spesso ricevo questo tipo di domande.
. capisco!
Perché anch’io quando ho cominciato a fare yoga 🧘‍♀️ pensavo che fosse fondamentale imparare a fare determinate posizioni.
Col tempo invece ho capito che non era tanto importante imparare ad eseguire determinate asana (e soprattutto quanto tempo ci avrei messo) ma piuttosto tutto ciò che potevo scoprire durante il mio percorso.

Mi spiego meglio.
Mentre stiamo sul tappetino possiamo imparare infinite cose su noi stessi.
Una tra queste è la pazienza e la disciplina.
Ogni posizione arriva col tempo, ci vuole costanza e umiltà.
Non si può sapere quanto ci metteremo perché dipende da diversi fattori.
Però, continuando a salire sul nostro tappetino, senza aspettative, riusciremo a cogliere qualcosa di più profondo.
E così non sarà più tanto importante se arriveremo a fare una spaccata in due mesi o in cinque anni o di più, perché nel frattempo avremo imparato tantissime altre cose su di noi, saremo più consapevoli e anche i progressi più piccoli li vedremo come grandi traguardi.

Ricordatevi che non c’è nessuna gara o competizione.
Solamente voi e tutto il tempo che decidete di dedicarvi 🙏.

Personalmente sto lavorando costantemente sul rinforzare il mio corpo per raggiungere maggiore controllo nelle verticali e oggi dopo 5 anni vedo i progressi dei continui “sforzi”.
Magari mi ci vorranno altri 5 anni per avere più controllo nel movimento, per rimanere un minuto ferma o chissà cos’altro.
Ma non mi interessa perché ogni giorno sono soddisfatta dell’impegno che so di metterci 🙏.

Per cui il mio consiglio é: sii paziente.
E lascia andare ogni aspettativa.
Con la pratica arriva tutto ☺️.
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Our lifetime is limited.
This is why we get the feeling of missing out on something. We create a feeling that being stuck at home is a waste of our precious time. This leads to emotions like unhappiness, sadness and maybe even feeling stressed.

But how often do we really waste time when there is no quarantine?

How often do we spend time watching nonsense on tv instead of enjoying the time with loved ones or going out on an adventure.
How often do we rush to meetings instead of taking a little more time in between to read a book, maybe just for 15 minutes.
How often do we waste our time talking about other people and making their problems our own.
How often do we want to do something for ourselves or start something new but then we get distracted by our “daily life” and all our “tasks we have to do” because we are so “busy & important people”?

You know what’s important? Time.
And how you use it.
Maybe this is exactly what we needed to appreciate time, life and freedom more.

What will you change after all this ends?
What are you excited to do / where to go?

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The ending of March feels like one big, long exhale. A huge sigh of relief. Entering into April and this new season with intentions of self-nurturing. 🌷
In Ayurveda, late winter and spring are known as Kapha season. When balanced, Kapha gives strength, structure and immunity to the body. During this time of year it’s beneficial to stay moving, wake up early (the hardest for me 😅) and adjust your diet to the new season.
This helps to prevent you from feeling lethargic or stagnant. Spring ultimately encourages regrowth, new intentions + new ideas, so use this inspirational shift to your advantage. Envision the specific kinds of changes that would most deeply benefit you and set specific goals for achieving your dreams. ✨
Read my full blog post ‘7 Tips For Staying Balanced During Kapha Season’ link in bio.

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Change your perspective, try something new everyday, go for what scares you once in a while.
Life happens outside of your comfort zone.

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