What To Wear To Yoga Classes

What To Wear To Yoga Classes

What to wear to Yoga; A quick guide to dressing correctly.

Whether it is your first time at Yoga, or your first time in a group, there are a lot of instances where you are faced with the good, the bad, and the did-not-think-this-throughs. There are a lot of misleading companies out there that market goods towards the Yoga niche, yet many of these so called Yoga items are disasters and embarrassment waiting to happen. When you are selecting what to wear to a Yoga class there are some basic things both guys and girls should keep in mind.

Basic issues people have with figuring out what to wear to Yoga class:

For women: One mistake that a lot of women make is wearing cotton panties to class. Cotton is touted as the epitome of your clothing’s foundation. Cotton shirts do breathe really well, however cotton panties hidden beneath pants and up against your groin during a 60-90 minute session of Yoga do not breathe. They also do not wick moisture away and can lead to a very uncomfortable time. Spending a little more to get panties guaranteed to wick away moisture are well worth the discomfort and potential embarrassment from odor and sweat stains that cotton panties can cause.

Beyond the issue of intimates, choosing the right pants and top is also a mine field of potential wardrobe malfunctions. One mistake that is made far too often is the use of the too thin yoga pants or barely fitting sports bra. Yoga is about  people coming together to cleanse their body, connect with the universe and maintain better health. It is not the place to pop up your cleavage or show the rest of the class how thin your pants are, or the fact you are not wearing panties beneath them. Slack and provocative as best left at the bar, not the Yoga studio.

For men: Proper Yoga attire is sorely missing from the market place. Wearing regular gym shorts to Yoga can result in a lot of unintentional flashes and awkward moments where you really need to adjust something but can’t. Even men can fall subject to pants claiming to be ideal for Yoga lacking in a good thread count.

Good examples of what to wear to Yoga:

For women:  Choosing dark, well fitted Yoga pants that are modestly thick enough to never reveal more than vague outline is how the ideal Yoga pants are described. The whole goal of the specialized clothing is to make it easier and more comfortable to complete your Yoga routine. Close fitting and comfortable Capri style Yoga pants is another option for those not wanting to trust their dignity to too thin a material. A properly fitted sports bra and clingy tank top are the other two items that make up the basics of good Yoga attire.

For men: One of the safest and most comfortable options for men and their bottom halves is supportive boxer-briefs and sweats, with either a plain t-shirt or an Under Armour football shirt. Other options include a bit of layering if its too hot to tolerate sweat pants. Rugby shorts will not move on the legs, meaning they don’t give everyone a peep show of your Muladhar Chakra when you are upside down or any other position that might normally have shorts imitating the can-can tease. Layering a pair lightweight runner’s shorts over the rugby shorts can help eliminate potential embarrassment form the rather clingy bottoms.

Does what not, and what to wear to Yoga change with the style of Yoga?

There are many variations on the traditional sense of Yoga. Vinyasa is the most popular style that is free form and rarely ever the same experience twice. Its optimal clothing requirements fall under the same banner as “regular” Yoga attire guidelines. Almost all styles have very similar guidelines in regard to clothing. There are two notable exceptions though that you will want to consider alternate wardrobes for if you ever give them a try. Each of them retains the basic concepts of movement, flexibility, healing, and health, however it is often a matter of focusing on a particular concept or philosophy. some styles can be quite unlike what most expect.

Some like it hot!

In Hot and Bikram Yoga classes the studio is put up to between 95 to 100 degrees with a lot of humidity. Most people’s first thought when they hear about this sort of environment is that layers should come off. This is not necessarily the case. It is true that in these sort of variations of Yoga, men often go topless, women may opt to go down to a modest sports bra. Most of them however, opt to wear a cool, fitted tank-top like shirt, so long as its made from a material that can help wick the sweat away. Baring more skin means there is nothing to stop the sweat from just rolling off you. The rather unpleasant mess can lead to a whole new set of issues in regards to slipping. In essence, for the heated style of Yoga, the basic type of good Yoga clothes can work with the exception that cotton is discouraged as a choice in shirt as well. Keeping air flow and moisture down are the keys that dictate what to wear during Bikram Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is a different breed all together.

Unlike the typical sweat filled and high energy Yoga found in Bikarum or even standard groups all over the country, Kundalini Yoga devotees tend to be far more clothed.  Kubdalini is focused on awareness and the clothes worn during classes follows three simple guidelines. It needs to be modest, made from natural white fiber, and it must not hinder your movements. There are a lot of styles available for females, including many graceful head wraps and veil-like scarfs. There is a lot of Indonesian influence to the clothing that tends to conjure all sort of fantastical images when they are put into motion during class. Despite the gracefully whimsically appearance, Kundalini can be very intense. It is one of the best examples that dressing appropriately is more than just a little important for your modesty’s sake, it is also vital for safety as well.