What To Wear For Hot Yoga

What to Wear for Hot Yoga The practice of hot, or Bikram, yoga is based upon the notion that warm muscles are flexible and thus more conducive to yoga exercise. Contrary to popular belief, hot yoga does not burn more calories or eliminate an excessive amount of toxins.. However, even without these benefits, hot yoga … Read more

What is Hot Yoga?

The secrets of the hot yoga craze revealed. If you’ve been gearing up to get into yoga, you might be surprised to learn that there are so many different types that you could get started with.Most people think of yoga as a single form of exercise, a bendy and twisty hour or hour and a … Read more

Meditation Cushions and Accessories

How to buy the right meditation cushions and accessories There is absolutely zero need whatsoever for most meditation accessories and meditation products when you get right down to it. Obviously, literally billions and billions of people throughout human history – especially in ancient times – have been able to find ways to meditate and unlock all … Read more

What To Wear To Yoga Classes

What to wear to Yoga; A quick guide to dressing correctly. Whether it is your first time at Yoga, or your first time in a group, there are a lot of instances where you are faced with the good, the bad, and the did-not-think-this-throughs. There are a lot of misleading companies out there that market … Read more

Music and Sounds for Meditation

Almost everything you need to know about music and sounds for meditation. If you’ve been thinking about taking up meditation, but has absolutely no idea about where to start, how to begin, or what you need to do to get the very best results right out of the gate, you’re going to love this quick … Read more

How to meditate for beginners

Meditation is far more then sitting still for a few minutes a day, or taking a power nap. Meditation is about calming the chaotically rushing torrent of your consciousness, and turning it into a focused, powerful, well directed and ordered mind. It is about both. gaining control and releasing it in order to be more … Read more

Deep Meditation How To

Deep Meditation – Why You Should Be Meditating For those of us with insanely busy lives, meditation may seem like a foreign concept—just sitting and doing nothing? Come on, I have STUFF to do. But deep meditation can be a great stress reliever and help you feel less anxious and tense, as well as being … Read more

Healing Meditation Secrets and Techniques

Is the Healing Meditation the “real deal” or just another New Age scam? There are a lot of phony meditation focused “healing programs” out there on the market today being pushed and peddled by less than ethical marketers. We’re talking about products that are nothing more than words slapped on a piece of paper, cobbled together … Read more

The Power Of Meditation

Unlocking the true power of meditation for yourself (or others)! Millions and millions of people all over the world had begun to take up different meditation methods, all in an effort to unlock the true secrets and power of the human mind. Amazing things begin to happen when you get serious about practicing different types … Read more